COLUMBIA, Ala. (WDHN) — A home that Willie and Bertha Stewart lived in for over 30 years is unlivable now after it was hit by an EF-0 tornado.

“Right now, I’m kinda devastated by the way it happened and everything but with the help of the good lord, we are here, and didn’t nobody get hurt,” Willie Stewart said.

The Stewarts were inside the home at the time of the tornado.

They were in their living room watching TV and then they noticed a couple of roars of thunder, flashes of lightning, and the sky darkening.

They anticipated the storm to pass them without a problem, but Stewart said they went into a panic after winds peaking at 80 miles per hour caused the tin on top of their home to rattle and a large pine tree toppled over through a guest bedroom in their house.

“I heard the tree when it hit ka-boom,” Stewart said. “I said the tree fell in the house and she jumped up and said Jesus save me, but luckily no one got hurt.”

Since the disaster, the Stewarts say their family members as well as neighbors have stepped up in a huge way to help them clean up.

“Everybody blessed us pretty good helping us get this cleaned,” Stewart said. “Nephews and all and we carried it to the back of the house.”

With their house being unlivable, the couple is staying at a Dothan hotel until further notice at the expense of family members as they were living on a fixed income.

Their daughter has set up a GoFundMe page for those willing to help — the money will go towards supplies to fix the bedroom or a new home.

“The goal is around $5,000 but I’ll appreciate anything,” He said.

The Stewarts say they are grateful to be alive because lives can’t be replaced but materialistic things can.

They hope to have their bedroom fixed in the next few weeks if possible.

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