DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — More questions are being raised about the bank fraud case against the CEO and President of Visit Dothan, Aaron McCreight. Several local government agencies funded by taxpayers have ties to the non-profit tourism organization.

The question on many people’s minds is, how involved is the city of Dothan and Houston County with the organization, Visit Dothan, and will they continue supporting the organization despite its CEO planning to plead guilty to bank fraud?

The city of Dothan tells WDHN in order to ensure accountability, any agency that receives funds from the city must have an annual audit performed. Visit Dothan is no exception.

The organization is held to the same standards since it receives four percent of the nine percent of lodging tax the city brings in from visitors. The city said these funds are provided to be used only for promoting tourism and conventions.

Another portion of the tax is to be used for capital improvement projects and special events. Many taxpayers in the city and county are concerned about their tax dollars being managed by someone who plans to plead guilty to bank fraud.

WDHN asked Houston County Commissioner for District 2, Doug Sinquefield, if the county provides any funds to Visit Dothan.

“There is a partnership there with the city and the county, as far as Visit Dothan,” Sinquefield said. “Yes, there is a partnership there.”

When asked about the nature of that partnership, Sinquefield had this to say:

“I would be skeptical to make any comment on that subject at this time,” Sinquefield said.

This case is still ongoing. WDHN will continue monitoring and keeping you updated with the latest information on this story.