FLORALA, Ala. (WDHN)—With fuel prices at “Record levels”, many wiregrass residents decided to spend their holiday weekend “closer to home”.

It’s not only to “save” money but to avoid popular spots’ that have been riddled
with gun violence like Panama City Beach during spring break.

Lake Jackson is a 450-acre “waterbody” along the Florida-Alabama line. Environmentalists consider it the most “pristine”, freshwater lake in Alabama.

Each summer season, Florala City Park draws tens of thousands of tourists and residents. But already in the “early stages” of the 2022 season, many nearby residents
are coming here to avoid beach travel and “high fuel” prices.

Elizabeth Dunnam of Opp says
“Yes, definitely gas prices and staying close to home, being able to get back home fast to eat and rest and everything. And we have this beautiful lake here so why not enjoy it.”

Kebo Tew of Opp says “just to go for gas prices down there and back. By the time you go and come back, you’ve spent 100 dollars. What used to cost you 30, 40 bucks.”

Mike Gurspan says “for two former members of the military and good friends from the Crestview area. They spent this Memorial Day closer to home here at Lake Jackson as opposed to going to the coastline.”

Brian and Mike of Crestview, Florida says here there’s “A lot less traffic. It’s beautiful up here. We don’t have door-to-door houses and people driving like they are insane.”

Besides “saving” on the all-important gas expense, families with young children say
they’ve been turned off by recent news reports of gun violence and other issues
that have occurred on Panama City Beach.