Hundreds of dead shad fish appear on the surface of Hoover pond

Local News
dead fish in lakecrest pond 2_1534873854702.jpg-842137438.jpg

Hundreds of dead fish could be seen floating on top of Lake Crest Pond in Hoover on Tuesday. According to an employee of Southern Pond Management, the fish died Monday due to low oxygen levels in the pond. 

The shad fish are the only fish impacted by the low oxygen levels in the pond. They are vulnerable to low oxygen levels or temperature fluctuations, according to Southern Pond Management.

Oxygen levels in a lake can be reduced when there isn’t an agitator like a thunderstorm or heavy rain. 

The homeowner association is aware of the situation. They tell CBS 42 that this is the second wave of fish to have problems in the lake. They had the oxygen levels tested two weeks ago, but they are still waiting for the results of those tests. 

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