ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Parts of Highway 84 in Coffee County officially have a new name, dedicated to a man who has served nearly 50 years in state politics.

Elba native and Senator, Jimmy Holley, is now heading towards retirement after many years of serving in the Alabama House and later the Senate.

Senator Holley began his career in politics in 1974 when he served in the House of Representatives. He was later elected to Alabama’s 31st District in the state Senate in 1998 and has continued to serve there since.

Throughout his time he has pushed for several improvements to Hwy 84 and as a token of appreciation for all his work, a portion of the highway has been renamed in his honor.

“We’ve been able to keep the process going,” Sen. Holley said. “Now, we have a good four-lane, not just for Elba but for Enterprise, Level Plains, Dothan, and the whole of southeast Alabama. I’m most proud of that.”

This new name is not only a way to honor Sen. Holley for all he has done but also for the impact he made on the people in his district.

“This is about the legacy that Sen. Holley is leaving,” Alabama Representative Rhett Marques said. “A legacy of leaving his community, his county, his state, and his district much better than he found it. I’ve often said to many people that Sen. Holley will go down as one of the greatest statesmen the state of Alabama has ever known and I truly believe that.”

The roadwork on the highway that took years in the making wouldn’t have been made possible without Holley.

“You definitely deserve to have a road named after you, and I’m happy 84 is going to be named because it would not have happened without you,” Former Alabama State Senator, Gerald Dial said.

As Sen. Holley retires he says he is grateful to have served for as long as he did for the people in his state.

“As I’ve said many times thank you for allowing me to be your state senator. It’s been a pleasure,” Sen. Holley said.

Now from the Coffee County line west to the city of Enterprise the highway is forever named after a man who worked so hard for improvements on the very road.