ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Tonight, one of the “biggest” intra-county rivals, high school “Pigskiinnnn Foootaggee” games will be in Central Coffee County. New Brockton High is hosting a fierce rival, the Elba Tigers.

With the recent start of the new school year, a nearly million-dollar infrastructure project has been completed at the Elba school complex.

WDHN found it involves erosion control and repaving, which is expected to have a positive result at
Tiger Stadium.

The paving and erosion improvements on the Elba City Schools campus continued this week as new asphalt was
poured for the newly designed Tiger Stadium reserved parking lot. It’ll eventually add 57 “reserved parking spots”.

Additionally, parking lots at both Elba high and elementary schools have been newly paved and striped.

The erosion efforts will help keep water runoff from the school as well as the football field.
Elba City School Superintendent, Chris Moseley, says “asphalting all of our roads, especially where the buses run. The reserved parking has never actually been paved, it’s been graveled so we made some progress there, it is terrific.”

Mike Gurspan says “for a grandfather of three young children in the elementary school here in Elba. He says this kind of money spent on the roads and erosion is definitely making the school a lot better.”

Tim Williams says “they did a very job with kids they like to play and the state really came through, I will say that.”

“The way our facilities are set up they did look at drainage things and fixed that along the way as well. Not just the asphalt on the road, it’s been very good,” according to Moseley.

Superintendent Moseley says the work has been a challenge on campus during the summer, but the final product is well worth the hassle.