HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Houston County is following suit with the state of Alabama in recognizing Juneteenth as a county holiday.

Dothan juneteenth festivities just wrapped up in the circle city and Gov.Kay Ivey recently declared June 20th as the Juneteenth state holiday for this year.

Houston county is taking steps to follow that lead in recognizing the holiday as well.

Community members believe this is a step in the right direction, especially for a county that had its first official Juneteenth parade just last year.

“What this opportunity means is for our persons and personnel with the Houston County to be able to take that day off,” Tri-State Expo Director of Marketing, Leah Gunn said. “Any persons that would like to observe Juneteenth would be able to do so and ultimately mean that we are all on the same page in observing this national holiday.”

Houston County along with the state-recognized Juneteenth in 2021 after it was declared a federal holiday.

Right now Juneteenth is not a regular state holiday, it’s up to the Alabama legislature to pass a bill to make it permeant.

As Gunn says, this holiday isn’t for a specific race but for everyone of all nationalities.

“This is not strictly a one person or one group holiday however this is a celebration of good decisions in general,” Gunn said. “It took everyone, it took union soldiers, it took people of all nationalities and races to come together and to really agree that emancipation is the way to go.”

Houston County Commission Chairman says the county tends to follow the state when it comes to holidays and as long as Alabama recognizes Juneteenth they more than like will as well.

Gunn says although the Tri-State Expo’s celebration of Juneteenth is over there are so many ways to celebrate the holiday all month.