Opp, Ala. (WDHN)—Next month will mark the 23rd anniversary of the disappearance of Kemberly Ramer.

On August 16th 1997, Kemberly was last seen leaving her father’s West Ida Avenue Opp home.
At the time, 17-year-old “Kem” literally vanished and hasn’t been seen or heard since then.

Kem’s family and friends continue to keep her disappearance “alive”, and they hope to one day put “closure” to this
mystery that remains an “unsolved” cold case.

Over the weekend, Kemberly Ramer’s mother along with family and friends gathered in front of Opp High School.
They placed a yellow ribbon on the tree planted by what would have been Kem’s 1998 graduating class.

“I think about it all the time. What we missed with my daughter. Her being married, having children, my grandchildren. It would be
something.”, according to Kemberly’s Mother Sue Infinger.

Over the last 23 years, Kemberly has been the subject of numerous “network” television missing person programs. In the months and years
of her disappearance, community members, the FBI along with state and local law enforcement
have scoured miles of land
From Alabama to Florida, looking for Kemberly. They have dug sites in Coffee County, and have divers search caves
Along the state line. Kemberly would now be a 41-years-old woman.
Kem’s older sister, Kristin Alford, says “It’s something that is always with us. And it will never go away. We will never stop looking for her. People need to remember
what happens if this was your child, your sister, your friend. You would never stop looking.”

Kemberly planned to become a physical therapist. The family just wants to know where Kem is for

If anyone may have information on the Kemberly Ramer case, contact your nearest law enforcement agency.

In addition, her Facebook page is “Helpfindkemberlyramer”. Kemberly’s family believes one or more persons
know what happened to their little girl.