DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Do you know if an airplane saves more fuel while flying if it’s dirty? Or clean?

Kids at the Adventure in Aviation Summer Camp at The Dothan Regional Airport found out that answer and many more fun facts about taking on the high skies.

Christian McKay was one of 25 students from Dothan City Schools who had the opportunity to learn all about the travel industry and airport operations.

“I get to see all the cool things and I get to fly, get interactions with all the flight attendants and pilots, and getting to know them well,” McKay said.

Before attending the camp, McKay has flown in a plane on two different occasions, he said those experiences made this camp even more special since he was able to see firsthand the ins and outs of aviation.

“Doing the flight simulator and it felt I was really in an airplane and you have to be really steady with your hands,” McKay said.

According to a camp leader, Lauren Beauchamp, kids at the camp got to see all the different parts of the airport and learn to have a greater appreciation for those behind the scenes.

“When you think of an airport most people think of just the pilots that fly the plane, but there is the baggage claim workers, you’ve got the airport police, the TSA workers,” Beauchamp said. “There are so many different moving parts.”

Beauchamp said this age group was chosen specifically because of how open-minded they are. She said even though most don’t have an idea of what they want to do when they’re older, this is a great chance for kids like McKay to start thinking about flying high.

“I want to be an architect but I want to design planes,” McKay said. “I look forward to getting into another plane or designing planes.”

Camp leaders tell WDHN, if your child didn’t get to attend the camp this year not to worry, because they are planning on hosting the aviation camp next summer, and they promise it’ll be bigger and better.