DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With Christmas right around the corner, plenty of people are doing some last-minute shopping to make sure the bellies of their family, and Santa Clause, are filled to expectation.

Grocery shopping for Shur-Value foods hasn’t just been hectic today, but all week.

“We’ve been busy all week, actually. Which is a good thing for us,” Assistant Manager for Shur-Value Foods, Bambi Needham said.

Needham says all this week turkeys, collard greens, and hams have been flying off the shelves.

That doesn’t compare to one of their biggest sellers for more than a month.

“One item we have been out of for about six weeks and we get about ten calls a day at least for chitlins,” Needham said. “And we can not get them in. I guess it’s this supply ordeal that we’re going through.”

Thankfully for Shur-Value, that’s one of the only issues they have had with stocking their shelves.

“We’ve actually been lucky. That’s about the only thing we have not had,” said Needham.

but shoppers say that didnt bother them, as they have their own holiday meal plans.

“Imma barbecue ribs, chicken, hamburger meat, weenies, potato salad, baked beans, and some chicken dressing,” shopper Patsy Harper said.

But why do some people wait for Christmas Eve to do their shopping?

“It’s not like this is my first time out, I’ve been out several times this holiday season,” shopper Tiffany Harrison said. “The traffic was already crazy and I tried to get in and out at the best time I could.”

When asked what their favorite part of the holidays was, Harper’s and Harrison’s answers both were about spending time with loved ones.

“My grandchildren opening up their Christmas gifts, said Harper.

“Making sure they get enough to eat tat the holiday season since they can’t be with their family as well,” Harrison said.