DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Monday a man under the influence hit a car from behind which led to the death of two teenagers.

That leads us to the question are DUI’s more prevalent during the summer months? Law enforcement said there is.

“Typically there is more during the summer because people are traveling more,” Dothan Police Sergeant William Trip Phares said. “They’re getting out and socializing and it’s typically when d-u-I’s start to have an uptick is during the summer months and obviously on the weekends.”

Another question is how has the pandemic affected the D-U-I arrests this year? Has it reduced the amount of people driving under the influence compared to last year?

“Last year we had 329 for the year, and we’ve had 121 for this year so far in 2020,” Phares said. “So we’re well on our way to have a you know a similar year as we did last year.”

According to the national highway traffic safety administration, around 30 people die from drunk driving a day. In Alabama if you’re convicted of a D-U-I you can serve up to one year in jail or pay a fine ranging from $600-2,100, or both. Law enforcement said don’t drive if under any influence.

“Alcohol or any kind of drugs changes your ability to see, your vision changes, your heart-rate changes,” Phares said. “Just how it affects your body and your ability to see and drive.”