DALE COUNTY, Ala (WDHN)—The Alabama Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against South Dale County EMS, claiming the emergency service failed to provide workman’s compensation insurance for its employees.

According to the lawsuit filed on December 14, South Dale County EMS is required to secure insurance coverage for its employees and provide the Alabama Department of Labor with the documents and verification.

The lawsuit claims that, even though the compliance supervisor for the Alabama Department of Labor has repeatedly demanded proof of secure workers’ compensation and the requirements of the coverage, South Dale County EMS has failed or refused to provide the information.

The Alabama Department of Labor is requesting that the court stops the South Dale County EMS from committing any more violations of the state’s Worker’s Compensation Laws and that the emergency department be served any criminal fines or civil penalties.

Even though the EMS operates out of Dale County, the lawsuit was filed in the Houston County Court system.