Lights, camera, action: Dothan movie company is asking for local help

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Lights, camera, action. The city of Dothan might just become a hub for movie making as a new production studio is settling in the Circle City.

2nd Nature Films is looking to bring Hollywood South Studios to Dothan for film companies to use their production services.

“So companies that are shooting a film will come to us and hire us to run the production for them,” 2nd Nature Films Producer, Stephen Durham said. “What we’re wanting to do here in Dothan is to build a studio, and build sound stages, and full post facilities. A one-stop-shop.”

As a Dothan native, Durham always wanted to bring the entertainment business back to his roots and he says this is a great opportunity to grow Dothan into a movie market like many of the major cities.

“The entertainment business draws a lot of attention,” Durham said. “It’s going to get nationwide publicity. So it’s going to do for Dothan, what it’s done for Atlanta over the last five years.”

Another producer for 2nd Nature Films echoed a similar sentiment.

“If we do movies here and the movies blow up, Dothan will become one of those, “2nd Nature Films Producer, Hemdee Kiwanuka said. “That’s why important we do movies here cause it will blow up the city.”

Hollywood South Studios also plans to offer classes on film for anyone in the community to get involved in the industry.

“Our whole goal is to educate and to be able to have locals that can work in this business,” Durham said.

“In order for us to stay here the city has to be involved,” Kiwanuka said. “It’s kind of hard to move ourselves from Las Vegas, L.A., and come to a city like Dothan without the cities assistance.”

To stay updated and for more information on the progress of Hollywood South Studios, you can visit 2nd Nature Films.

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