HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Henry County will be selling three to five of the 14 portable voting houses located within the county.

The Henry County Commission passed a request to start advertising and selling these voting houses.

The houses have been active in the community for years and have been used by 14 different communities’ for voting in different locations.

Now, Henry County will look to sell a few of them by allowing the community to bid on them and then giving them a time frame to retrieve the voting house from the property.

One of the reasons the county can sell a few of these voting houses is because they are starting to partner with churches in the area and use their fellowship halls for election days.

One of the new partnerships between the county and a church is Edwin First United Methodist Church.

Voters in the following communities will also have a change in voting location:

  • Capps residents who voted at the Capps Voting House will now vote at Jackson’s Chapel Church
  • People who voted at the Union Voting House will now vote at Union Freewill Baptist Church
  • Residents who voted at the Shorterville Voting House will now vote at Shorterville Baptist Church
  • Voters will no longer vote in the Edwin Voting House across the street from the church. They will now vote at Edwin First United Methodist Church.

Henry County Commission is still looking for suitable facilities in the Lawerenceville, Douglas Cross Roads, and Newville locations to replace the voting houses in those areas.

The primary election will take place on May 24.