DALEVILLE, Ala (WDHN) — In February, Interim Daleville City School Superintendent, Josh Robertson was permanently named to that post by the school board.

The Daleville native is a 1995 Daleville High graduate and has spent the last 17 years there as a teacher, assistant principal, and then principal.

Josh Robertson is a second-generation DHS graduate. His parents earned their diplomas in 1969. Robertson’s two young children are now attending the district’s Windham Elementary School.

Making sure the district’s three schools are secure is his top priority. A secure entrance is now being built at the administrative building.

Robertson says “Got to make things more secure and so we installed some more fencing. We’re putting in some secure vestibules in places that are a big security measure, to make sure we are secure. With the remodeling of the middle school, we started that but we needed to complete the project to make sure we had everything to do that.”

Robertson says there’s a host of reasons why the student population is growing within the district. One big reason is the recently created Daleville Middle School.

Currently, the district has around 1,050 students. Over recent years, Robertson says it’s no accident Daleville is drawing additional students. Parents trust the district’s teachers to give their sons and daughters a well-rounded education.

“We want to provide learning opportunities and experiences that prepare them for life after school and build relationships with folks that they realize they’re getting a good service here with us, ” said Robertson.

With more younger students enrolled, Robertson anticipates the number of graduates continually increasing over the coming years.