ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—Alabama’s Junior U.S. Senator is bringing national prominence to her high school alma mater ever since her November 2022 election victory when Katie Britt became the state’s first-ever elected female U.S. Senator.

As a 2000 graduate of Enterprise High School when she was Katie Boyd, notoriety has placed EHS at the forefront of conversations in Montgomery and Washington.

Enterprise High School Principal, Stan Sauls, says there’s hardly a day that goes by when he’s not reminded U.S. Senator Katie Britt, then known as Katie Boyd, graduated from the school in 2000.

Although he never had Katie as a student, he remembers her accomplishments twice named as Cheerleader of the Year in the national championships. Alabama’s Junior Miss in 2000, elected governor in the Girl’s State Leadership program. The awards and accolades would continue as Student Government President at the University of Alabama.

Sauls says “Yes a course as her success, Katie’s success has definitely put us more on the map as far as giving acknowledgment to the city of Enterprise and Enterprise High School. “Katie Britt is not only a great ambassador to the state of Alabama, and the people of Alabama but Enterprise High. We’re extremely proud of her success and her being part of the traditions of enterprise high school.”

Katie’s history teacher at Enterprise High School, says it was no surprise to him. He knew Katie was in store for something great.

Dr. Tracy Kyser has been a history teacher at EHS for more than 30 years. As a student of his, Dr. Kyser remembers Miss. Boyd had the right stuff to go far in life. He’s proud Katie’s made a name for herself as a young mother in the U.S. Senate but also brings distinction to her high school.

“You project great things for them and I saw that in Katie. She was very much a Wildcat, she was very strong academically and glad to see the position that she’s in,” according to Dr. Kyser.

No matter how far Senator Britt may go in Washington, those who knew her said she has the same humble roots now as she had as a student in the Enterprise school district more than two decades ago.