(WDHN) — EMA directors from Henry, Geneva, Coffee, and Houston Counties are in contact with the National Weather Service as forecasts show severe weather moving into the Wiregrass.

“This line of storms has been very unpredictable it’s coming together as we speak it’s moving from the west towards it and we are waiting now to see what that cell is going to do,”
Dothan Houston County EMA Director Chris Judah said.

According to Houston County EMA Director Chris Judah, he’s expecting heavy winds through the overnight hours along with heavy rain that should pass through quickly.

Much of the same for the western part of the Wiregrass — however, Coffee County EMA director James Brown believes they could experience the worst of it as he says they are on the edge of becoming an enhanced risk.

“Some of the things the National Weather Service just said is they are not sure of the severity of this storm and the instability is unsure,” Brown said.

Ema directors have been constantly on the phone with school administrators to delay their start time — as the storm is expected to hit during the transportation time period for staff and students.

They are also working with county departments to ensure all hands will be on deck if there is damage.

“We’re working with road and bridge so they can handle staffing and make sure equipment is in the right places,” Geneva County EMA Director Brian Smith said.

All EMA directors encourage citizens to sign up for weather alerts.