Local mother, daughter tell story of surviving airborne trailer during tornado warning

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PINEY GROVE, Ala. (WDHN) — Residents of a small community along the Geneva/Coffee County line are calling it a miracle.

It was shortly after 11 Sunday night when Tasha jones and her eight-year-old daughter Kylee saw a tornado warning on TV appear near Kinston. Within a few minutes, a storm picked-up their mobile home in the Piney Grove community and sent it airborne.

It then crashed rolling several times. The mom and daughter escaped without injury.

“It happened so fast,” Tasha said. “We were just flying in the air, and then we landed. It just happened all so fast.”

“I remember it shook us, and then it took us up, and then all of a sudden, it flipped us and kept flipping us and then we went over there,” Kylee said.

However, the Jones family is thankful that they were able to make it out unscathed.

“All I can do is thank God,” grandmother Tina Jones said. “Because if it (weren’t) for him, they wouldn’t be here.”

“We can’t replace ourselves,” Kylee said. “We can replace all these other things but we can’t replace ourselves.”

“I never thought I’d never make it alive, but until I prayed to God,” Kylee continued. “I was like, ‘Please God, please God,’ and then all of a sudden, I’m over there, alive.”

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