Local school adjusts safety plans as tornado and tropical storms move in

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — As weather advisors caution residents to watch for possible tornadoes and tropical storm conditions to come, many schools adjusted their safety plans.

This is to follow CDC guidelines.

Administrator Sandra Turner said they have safe places that will keep kids safe during emergencies, along with tornado drills.

“When we practice severe weather preparedness we practice with the kids wearing bicycle helmets, football helmets putting something over their heads cause head injuries are a number one cause of death,” said Turner.

Bathrooms and windowless rooms are considered safe places and best for the kids.

During a COVID crisis world we’re living in, Turner said they plan to follow CDC guidelines of social distancing and sanitization.

While they have the proper procedures in place to keep kids safe, she believes in an active warning parents should keep their kids at home.

“No school room is ever gonna be as safe as your safe place at home. Our rooms are not small, they’re not underground. >>

She said the resources are just better at home and ensure the kids safely completely, like kindergartener Bradleigh Fulton.

“I feel safe because the teachers take care of me.” Fulton said.

Overall, the Wiregrass Christian Academy said they are committed to keep kids safe as they closely monitor the storm.

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