ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — ‘Main Street Alabama’ is a non-profit organization focused on bringing jobs, dollars, and people back to Alabama’s historic communities.

The Coronavirus pandemic has no doubt impacted many businesses and organizations, which is why main street Alabama is doing its part to help small businesses here in the state.

“It is a shop local car tag,” Main Street Director, Cassidi Kendrick said. “So you can go onto the website and pre-commit to getting this tag, and it is the same price as any other specialty tag.”

The proceeds from these sales will go towards helping small businesses recuperate from the impact of the pandemic.

“It is a $500 grant that would be available to them to make upgrades to their businesses, market, you name it,” Kendrick said. “It is going to help all of the businesses that are eligible for this grant across the state of Alabama.”

“COVID has had a big impact on our business,” owner of Boll Weevil Soap, Chad Wester said. “But not just within COVID. Here in our downtown setting, these buildings are 100 years old, there’s always going to be unexpected expenses. Things that have to take place, not only for our business purposes but also for revitalizing downtown.”

After everything small businesses have been through in the Coronavirus pandemic, this money will go a long way to keep businesses’ doors open.

“To be able to have a grant program available to assist with taking care of 100-year-old buildings downtown is a really big deal,” said Wester.

“We always need the extra support to get the marketing out there,” the owner of She Shed, Regena Lacey said. “And get the word out that we’re here, we’re open and ready to do business, we are fully stocked, so any assistance we can get to get that done, we don’t have a lot of extra to do those things.”

The goal is to have 1,000 people apply for this tag, however, currently, there are less than 250 people that have registered.

If you would like to support small businesses, you can visit their website here.