DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Kentucky man has found his way to Dothan as he follows his God-driven journey to walk across the country ending in California.

“So, I left Lexington, Kentucky, on Nov. 22 last year,” Gregory Jones. “I’d uhh, I was sitting in my home, and I was praying, and I said, ‘Lord, what’s the best way that I can get out and reach out to this country,'” and it was just this loud booming noise that said I want you to get out and go.”

And so began Jones’ 1,750-mile journey. Jones is a missionary walking across the country with the goal of restoring god in everyday life.

“You know there’s no prayer at the supper table anymore,” he said. “Nobody prays before they eat. They’re pulling prayer out of schools and you know God’s just getting pulled out of these things in our daily lives, and he needs to be restored back there.”

With every step, Jones takes he tries to spread the message of the Lord, he picks up random day labor jobs along the way and speaks at churches that he’s invited to. He has never had to go homeless or without a meal because of donations from strangers he’s met along his journey.

“What I do is I’ll walk into a town and I’ll go to the mayor’s office, the city hall the police department, and I’ll introduce myself and show them my articles and show myself on the media and everything and people just, it’s like the Lord keeps putting paths laid out in front of me,“ Jones said.

At the beginning of his journey, Jones said he left home with nothing but the clothes on his back, his backpack, and absolutely no money because he paid his roommates out for the remainder of his lease. Reality set in on his first night when he began to panic about not having money, but he turned to God and asked him for guidance.

“And as I’m praying I look in the ditch, and there is a $20 sitting there,” “I move up 10 more feet and pick up a total of $140 in 20’s scattered, two of them was in a puddle of water at the end. I knew he had my back on this journey, that right there was my confirmation. It went from fear over faith to faith over fear in just a switch of a dime, like that!”

If you would like to contact Gregory, you may contact him at 864-324-4253