ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The current president of Enterprise State Community College, Matt Rodgers, has announced he will retire from his position on May 1st.

According to his Twitter account, Rodgers informed the Alabama Community College System Chancellor Jimmy Baker of his intent to retire.

Rodgers has been president of ESCC for over four years. Rodgers did not specifically say why he was retiring, just that it has been a trying time for him and his family over the past year.

Rodgers said in a statement in regards to speculation about his health:

“My retirement has nothing to do with my recent trip to MD Anderson. My cancer is somewhat stable if there is such a thing as cancer. It had not spread or grown since my last scans in December. The doctors are concerned with one of my numbers going in the wrong direction but I’m under good care and they are watching me closely. We are headed in today for another round of treatments. I can assure you that myself, Stacy, and Liam won’t back down. I strongly cover your prayers and thank so many of you that have lifted us over these past months. I will never be able to thank you enough.”

President of ESCC Matt Rodgers

He continued by saying:

“I have no doubt ESCC will continue to move forward in a great direction. Thank you for giving me a chance and allowing me to grow professionally. It has been the professional honor of my lifetime.”

President of ESCC Matt Rodgers