NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN) —The call came in of a serious two-vehicle wreck in the parking lot of New Brockton High School.

But it was part of ‘Prom Promise’: a realistic mock crash with death and several serious injuries. Prom season is underway, authorities wanted to give the juniors and seniors at New Brockton, Kinston, and Zion Chapel high schools a realistic look at a tragedy complete with fake blood. A life-flight helicopter picked up the most critically injured.

“Getting ready for prom, we just got done with spring break. The main purpose is to encourage everybody to be safe and don’t drive under the influence or impaired,” Alabama State Trooper Kendra McKinney said.

Montgomery resident, Carolyn Tyus, is a member of M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Several years ago, her son was killed by a drunk driver.

“My son was already dead on impact, but this young man gets to come out with hardly a scratch on him, without one scratch,” Tyus said. “My son comes out in a body bag and put into a hearse.”

And for the young people to realistically look at some of their peers and see what can happen if they drink and drive, they had these reactions.

“Some people in my class will think differently than some people doing that and especially going to prom and doing that, that’s just bad,” New Brockton Junior, Daryl Smith said.

“It shows that it can happen to anyone, people in your community, it’s very eye-opening,” Zion Chapel Senior Ashton McWaters said. “I guess it makes you think twice this time of year especially?” Mike Gurspan said. “Yes, don’t drink and drive kids,” McWaters said.

Emergency responders say if even one student does not drink and drive, the mock accident can be
considered a success.