DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Moma Tina’s Mission House has been serving the Dothan community through its thanksgiving food giveaway for over two decades.

“We are out here passing out plates we went from 300 to 400 to 600 and now we’re up to 700 to 800,” Pastor Kenneth Glasgow said.

Each year, they have seen a huge turnout from the community along with those who want to come together and help with the mission to serve others.

“Because what we have to do especially with the crisis going on in Dothan now is show these young people unity among adults and that’s what will stop all this fighting going on among them,” he said.

Over 50 volunteers united on Thanksgiving morning to prepare hundreds of meals to be delivered to senior centers and low-income apartment complexes or picked up for those who are hungry and in need of a hot meal.

“God looks at your heart and this is where our heart is at,” Glasgow said. “I had a long text with my mom this morning and said I get my heart from you no matter what the situation is we still have to serve the people.”

Glasgow said the plate they provided is not only a holiday tradition but the mission house provides hot meals to those in need on a daily.

“We have been doing it for 21 years and we are not going to stop no matter what,” he added.