DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Holidays like Mother’s Day are meant for celebration, but for many, it’s a day that brings back the reality of loss and grief.

The Wiregrass Angel of Hope statue has been a special place for Cindy Buie since she lost her daughter, Brittany, almost five years.

Brittany was only 40-years-old when she died from a seizure, as a result of her epilepsy, leaving a sister without her twin and a mother without her daughter.

Days like mother’s day can be hard for Buie and her family.

“Mother’s day is bittersweet,” Bui says. “When you have other children that you are thankful for, but you are missing one. So it’s kind of a bittersweet moment.”

For Buie, days like Mother’s Day are a time to reflect on the life of her daughter and do everything she can to ensure Brittany is never forgotten.

“Every mother, I would say, we don’t want our children forgotten,” Buie said. “It’s easy for other people, but for a mother, we never forget our children, whether they are dead, or alive. I know sometimes people may get tired of me talking about Brittany but I feel like it’s something that in me I need to do as a mother. That’s one of our biggest fears is that people will forget them.”

The Wiregrass Angel of Hope statue has been a blessing for Buie by giving her and many other parents a space to grieve their children who have either passed or have gone through a miscarriage

“This angel of hope serves a purpose for us that we can come to and just offer all mothers,” Buie said.