DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the National Peanut Festival in Dothan for the next week, the sales tax from- all of the rides and some of the vendors at the festival eventually pays off big time for the local economy.

“A lot of our vendors that sell trinkets are local and that money stays here in our area and our sponsor Eagle Eye Outfitters are selling jackets like crazy because it’s cool, so the festival really helps,” says Executive Director, Tony Ellison.

Typically, sales tax-wise, the National Peanut Festival puts in about 3 quarters of a million dollars in Dothan’s and the State of Alabama pockets from the rides, concerts, and vendors.

Even the food vendors that come with the carnival they order food from local reps and the food is delivered here and sold here so the tax is kept right here in Dothan and Houston County.

One of the many local vendors at this year’s festival is the Headland High School Band. It’s their time to shine — the biggest fundraiser of the year.

“Which goes to help with instruments, instrument repairs, it supplements what the county funds they give us some but this is where we can make that up and we’re planning a big trip in 2025,” says Headland High School Band Director John Taylor.

They raised about $20,000 thousand last year and they hope for another stellar year this year.

I got a sneak peek of what Headland has to offer and they have some conecuh sausage on a stick and a honey nut puff that was featured on carnival eats.

As for the National Peanut Festival, their advance ticket sales were up this year so that economic boost is off to a great start.