GENEVA CO., Ala. (WDHN)—Last week, Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms attended the National Sheriff’s Association in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sheriff Helms says he along with law enforcement nationwide is looking for solutions to
eliminate mass shooting incidents.

Just yesterday, a gunman fires indiscriminately at a July 4th parade in a Chicago suburb claiming lives and injuring more than two dozen.

Last month, a gunman kills 19 elementary students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

Many states are enacting “red flag” laws, to try and identify those mentally ill individuals who
have expressed a “Desire” to hurt or kill others.

But, Sheriff Helms says such a law in Alabama could cause some to make “unfounded” accusations.

Sheriff Helms is a strong proponent of the second amendment and feel “gun control” is not the
way to try and eliminate this epidemic of “mass shootings”.