DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A fire near downtown Dothan took the life of an elderly woman. Now, her neighbors are trying to find out answers.

The first person they are trying to ask is the property owner.

Dothan Fire says that the cause of the fire on Monday at Grace Terrace Apartments was accidental, but the Dothan Fire Department also says it was an “inappropriate use of an object.”

This object is said to have either been a cigarette, an open candle, or a lighter, and that it started in the Kate Baxter’s apartment unit.

The fire took the life of a 79-year-old Dothan woman, Kate Baxter, who was living in the apartment on the second floor. Residents say Baxter was a very nice lady and she was frequently seen playing with her grandchildren.

Photo of Kate Baxter

Houston County Coroner, Robert Byrd, says that the autopsy report is still pending and that the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for examination, which began Tuesday.

If you are looking to donate money to go towards Kate Baxter’s funeral you can send the money via CashApp to:

The CashApp code you can send donations to for the funeral

If you want to send money to the families who were impacted by the flames people can send a check to SEACH or The Southeast Alabama Coalition for the Homeless.

Local groups in the community are also gathering supplies such as children’s and adult clothing for the families who were displaced during the fire.

Residents say that the families who were forced out of their apartments by the flames were given a place to stay in another building at the apartment complex.

Residents tell WDHN that the apartments they live in also have a variety of problems that they want to be looked at.

They say a lot of the units have electricity problems, and in the past, they have seen problems with water leaks that would occasionally drip into light bulbs.

On Tuesday, Residents in one of the buildings at Grace Terrace Apartments are trying to salvage what they can after they were displaced from their homes.

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