DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Kelli Beck has been a board-certified behavior analyst for two years and sooner than expected she opened her own business — Beck Behavior Therapy on the west side of Dothan to provide quick therapy for children diagnosed with autism.

“Really saw the need in the city of Dothan to open up a clinic,” Beck said. “The waitlist in the area tends to be a year to a year and a half, and when kids are diagnosed parents need the answers, and help, and the kids need access to therapy.”

Some parents she has dealt with since opening say that just to get therapy it has taken up to three years.

The therapy she specializes in is Applied Behavior Analysis which focuses on enhancing academics and communication behaviors for the quality of life of an individual.

“The quicker you get your child into services the quicker we can facilitate learning how to communicate and learning how to deal with social situations better, so they can feel more success in going out into the community or school,” She said.

Beck holds therapy sessions for two hours as opposed to the 4 to 8-hour sessions every day that ABA therapy recommends — she says her research shows that children usually make better progress.

“They are not running into being tired and I’m not creating more behaviors and they are not getting overstimulated,” She said.

She also provides parent training with those who have children with autism, so they can work with them at home.

Beck said she still has openings for children 2-18 years of age which lets her know there are still some children who may need therapy.

“I just want parents to know, I’m not trying to make their child a robot and take all of the personality out of them, I just want them to be successful and be able to cope in this world,” She added.

She hopes she’ll be able to expand and offer speech and physical therapy in the near future.

Beck Behavior Therapy is located on South Brannon Stand Road. Visit their website for more information.