New biking ordinance and fee coming to Geneva? Bicycle riders might be required to buy permit

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GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Geneva bikers may be required to pay a fee soon due to constant bicycle problems in the city.

Mayor David Hayes told WDHN this has been an ongoing issue for months.

“People stealing bicycles they call it chopping em where they steal one build another out of it throw away the other parts of it,” Hayes said. “We’ve had a lot of criminal things going on with people with bicycles.”

Now, city council members are considering creating and enforcing a new bike ordinance.

“We’re trying to pass an ordinance where anyone who is 16 years or older that operates a bicycle they have to come in they get a licensed sticker to go on their bicycle,” Hayes said.

Hayes said the ordinance isn’t meant to target anyone. Instead, he says, it’s simply what’s best for the city.

“It’s not to identify anyone group or to hurt anyone it’s just to simply help our law enforcement out identify who these people are on these bicycles, where they came from where the bicycle belongs to because we do have a lot of theft of bicycles in our town,” Hayes said.

Although council members discussed the ordinance for a while, the meeting didn’t produce a final decision.

“I think that it’ll make a positive note if we do have a workshop and we tabled it to have more people give input for it, because like I said when I campaign we had a lot of people tell us bicycles bicycles.”

WDHN will continue updating this story as more information becomes available.

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