NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN)—A new approach to education is when the Coffee County School District begins classes on Friday, August 5th. For the first time, there will be a New Brockton Middle School for students in the sixth-through-eighth grades.
Today, WDHN learned the middle school concept has received “high grades” from educators nationwide.

One-time Zion Chapel head football coach and assistant principal, Bradley Bowers, will be
New Brockton middle school’s first-ever principal. It will also be his first principal job.

Beginning with the upcoming 2022-23 academic year, the middle school will serve students in the sixth-through-eighth grades. A concept many educators believe is an easier transition for elementary students.

Principal Bowers says “the concept that we have is in between the two and really a good transition is really a good fit for our students at this age.”

Mike Gurspan says “Coffee County School Superintendent Kelly Cobb says the middle school concept is gaining favor among educators nationwide.”

Superintendent, Cobb, says “the reason behind the middle school concept is to create an environment for sixth, seventh and eighth. And we want that school to look different. We don’t need it to look like an elementary school. But also not to operate like a high school.”

By later this school year, Bowers says an 11 new classroom wing under construction will be completed.
That will provide the middle school with much more space for a rapidly growing student body in New Brockton.

“And here at the middle school we have added a tornado or storm shelter, so this entire building here is a storm shelter,” according to Bowers.

Besides the new middle school, Bowers points to the major “upgrade” of the high school gymnasium floor as a commitment by the district to its students and stakeholders.
Reporting in Coffee County, Mike Gurspan WDHN news for the wiregrass.

At this time, administrators believe New Brockton middle school’s first year in operation will have between 350-to-400 sixth-through-eighth-graders.