NEW BROCKTON, Ala.(WDHN)—New Brockton Police Chief Dale Grimes wants to remind drivers in
Central Coffee County of a two-way stop which is now a four-way stop.

Here, a vehicle blows through the new four-way stop without stopping.

Beginning Friday morning, South John Street at the North Tyler intersection became a four-way stop. It’s located near New Brockton High School.

Previously, North Tyler was a two-way stop. But, the city council made the change to help ensure the safety of students walking to school.

Chief Grimes says many drivers haven’t made the stop on South John, and for now, he’s issuing warnings but the citations will soon come.

In addition to the four-way stop at South John and North Tyler.

Chief Grimes says another student safety measure is that tractor-trailer rigs will no longer be allowed to travel on South John Street.