New Brockton sees counterfeit money issues

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NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN) — Retail and other businesses in central Coffee County are being warned about fake money showing up at their cash registers.

New Brockton Police Chief, Dale Grimes says the counterfeit bills have been in $20 and $50 dollar denominations, but he believes other values of bills could be out there as well.

Chief Grimes says these counterfeit bills look authentic, but he advises merchants to be extremely careful —and to use counterfeit detecting pens to determine if the money is legitimate.

The chief says the person or persons passing these phony bills wait for the clerk to be busy with other customers, and that’s when they attempt to pass the fraudulent bills.

“We’re asking to be aware, especially if somebody comes in and comes in with the fifties, hundreds, and whatever to take time to check them and see,” said Grimes.

Chief Grimes has notified the U.S. Secret Service that counterfeit bills are circulating in the western Wiregrass.

Businesses that receive this so-called funny money are asked to contact your nearest law enforcement agency immediately.

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