In Enterprise, one of the most advanced nursing “simulated labs” statewide
officially opened on the ESCC campus.

Enterprise State Community College is quickly adding to its nursing program
which is expected to help fill the “health care” shortage in the wiregrass over coming years.

Interactive mannequins” in which nursing students can train “Fills” two reconfigured
classrooms at ESCC.

Next week, eight students will be part of the school’s first nursing graduation class.
At this time, one can receive certification in “practical nursing”, medical assistant, and
emergency medical services.

Dothan resident Samantha Sewell will be one of those eight graduates.

She says “I just wanted to play my part in this beautiful role at ESCC. It is a pleasure to graduate as one of the first from this bridge program.”

“Considering we were already short before pre-COVID. COVID has made a big impact on us and it will take a while before
we recover,” according to school nursing program coordinator Amy Phillips.

Mike Gurspan says “and with the anticipated opening of the state Enterprise veteran’s nursing home in just a few years. The need for nurses will increase exponentially here in the City of Progress.”

Enterprise Health and Rehab administrator Wes Averett says “and the huge opportunity to try and replenish the workforce so that we can provide the help in coming years.”

Without giving many details, Alabama Community College Chancellor, Jimmy Baker, says ESCC
will be adding additional health science programs. Eventually, a Registered Nurse(RN) curriculum is expected to be offered in the future. But, there’s no
timetable for it at this time.