GENEVA CO., Ala. (WDHN)—At the Geneva County Courthouse Tuesday, a work crew began replacing the security camera system. This, was after the Geneva County Commission recently agreed to install modern, infra-red, digital cameras.

WDHN’s Mike Gurspan reports that having a clear recording of both video and audio can provide conclusive proof when needed.

A Harris security crew began replacing the camera surveillance system installed in the Geneva County Courthouse in 2010. During the last 12 years, camera systems have gone from analog to digital, and the video is a lot clearer, especially at night. In this day of social media platforms, having a recorded incident goes a long way in both a criminal and civil sense.

Sheriff Tony Helms says “we suggest this for everyone. Camera systems for your home, camera systems for your business because like I say it’s the eyewitness to the crime.”

Mike Gurspan says “it’s not only the cameras in the courthouse being replaced, a new communication system being added to the Geneva County Jail.”

By having a two-way radio communication between the jail’s central command center and
individual medical or high-security cells. It reduces the response time in the event of an emergency
and increases security for correctional officers and greater access to an inmate who may be experiencing
problems of some kind.

Sheriff Helms says “and they’ll be able to communicate back and forth without a correctional officer having to actually go in there. They’re already on camera but this just allows the communication.”

He says the county’s insurance company requested to have the two-way radio system
“installed” for safety and security measures.
Reporting in Geneva, Mike Gurspan WDHN news for the wiregrass.