ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The City of Enterprise is seeking ruined or abandoned property to demolish as part of a grant program.

In an effort to help reduce safety and health hazards within the community, the City of Enterprise is requesting that property owners submit applications for structures or properties to be cleared.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allows the City, at no cost to the owner, to level and clear any properties or structures that could be considered a nuisance through City ordinance.

“The goal is to remove these potentially dangerous structures from neighborhoods, allowing for a safer place for kids to play and families to enjoy. Not only does removing the blight eliminate potential health and safety hazards, but it also improves curb appeal for the neighborhood and entire community.”

Code Enforcement Inspector Clay Nelson

Nelson says that once the structure is cleared, the land is leveled and grass seed is placed, essentially leaving behind a blank slate for the property owner, who maintains ownership of the land. After the project is completed, the City asks for the property to be maintained to current City ordinances.

To qualify for the program, the following is required:

  • Right of Entry form must be completed and returned to the Engineering
    Office for notarization
  • Full inspection of the structure by a City Inspector, Code Inspector, and
    Licensed Asbestos Inspector must be completed (No cost to the property
  • The structure must be unoccupied
  • Power and gas must be cut off from the structure

Applications for the program will be accepted through Tuesday, February 28. For more information on the CDBG project, or to find out if your property qualifies, please contact the City of Enterprise Engineering Department at (334) 348 2648.