NEWVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Two months after Brittney Corbitt lost her life due to violent crime, family and friends gather around the grave of a loved one, on a day that is usually meant to celebrate ones life.

“We are celebrating the life of Brittany. Today was her birthday and she would have been 20 years old today,” Brittney’s father, Gary Corbitt said.

Her family recounts their favorite memories of Brittney.

“Celebrating her birthday. Cause me nd her always went out to eat. No one but me and her. We celebrate it every year,” said Corbitt.

“She was just brilliant and bright,” Brittney’s mother, Tasha Stanley said.

“Her laughter and her silliness. She was outgoing and peaceful,” Brittney’s aunt, Marcheta Council said.

The family also has a few words they would like for Brittney to know.

“Mama is going to hold it down and she loves you and happy 20th birthday,” said Stanley.

“I love you and I always will,” Brittney’s step mother, Tracy Corbitt said.

“I wish I just had 5 more minutes to hold you,” Gary Corbitt said.

Brittney’s family says there are better ways to solve issues rather than resorting to violence, and want to let everyone else know where they stand.

“Young folks need to drop the guns and stop having so much drama. Cause this right here is irresponsible,” said Gary Corbitt.

“Put down them guns and lets live because life is too short. It is too short,” said Council.

Isaiah Clyburn, Jayden Thomas, Farreia Norton, Austin Daniels, and Sharif Moore have each been charged with capital murder after investigators say they killed Brittney Corbitt in February.

A Henry County Grand Jury will soon decide on whether to indict or reject the charges on the suspects.