COFFEE CO., Ala. (WDHN)— One sheriff in the Wiregrass doesn’t expect to see any of the newly released prisoners coming back to his county.

Over the last week, some 304 state inmates have been released before the end of their sentences.

On Tuesday, another 82 are expected to be released as part of a state 2021 law to lower the overall inmate population in one of the country’s oldest penitentiaries. Coffee County Sheriff Scott Byrd says none of the prisoners are from Coffee county.

“I saw that we didn’t have any, but the only issues we would have with them if those guys from adjoining counties commit a crime in our county, and until they do that, they are not on my radar,” said Byrd.

The Coffee County Jail can hold a maximum of 126 male inmates and 40 females.

Sheriff Byrd says there are rarely any overcrowding conditions here at the coffee county jail because of close cooperation between the jail staff and legal system and courts.

Byrd says “The state prison system is overcrowded, we understand that and the judges understand that. But they are doing their due diligence and keeping the process going. And not trying to kill these county jails.”

Sheriff Byrd says even though he’s not expecting any of the newly released state prisoners to come to Coffee County. His deputies and investigators are always ready to arrest any who may come to his jurisdiction and decide to break the law.