DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A big day is coming up for some organizations here in the Wiregrass.

“We have been working on this for probably three weeks now trying to get prepared for it,” Food Services Director of Christian Mission, Joel Fussell said.

The work isn’t all for nothing, as thousands of people are expected to be served by just two organizations.

“In years past we have anywhere from 200-250 that come through, so we are expecting more that this year, maybe 400 or 500,” said Fussell.

“Last year went very well. We almost broke 1000 people and this year we are actually hoping to break that thousand and are shooting from between 1,200 and 1,500,” the owner of Choppers Ol’ School BBQ, Christopher Wood said.

If it wasn’t for the community coming together to help, this Thanksgiving feast may not be possible.

“Publix donates to us. Walmart donates to us. We also put it on Facebook, people drop off hams and turkeys,” said Fussell.

For these organizations, it isn’t about getting people in the door.

It’s about sharing your time with the community and giving back to an area that has given so much.

“It’s the reward each of us gets to help the community,” said Fussell. “It is a need in the community and it is God’s way of dealing through us so we can help others.”

“I’m not from here and Daleville has allowed me to become a part of their community,” said Wood. “So this is one of the ways we have been able to give back to the community that has allowed us to become a part of their community.”

Both of these events will be on Thanksgiving day.

The Christian mission will be holding their event from 11 to 1 at their building on Geneva Highway in Enterprise.

Choppers will hold their event from 11 to 3 at their location on Donnell Boulevard. They will also be delivering some food, so check their Facebook page for details.