OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — After the Dale County Commission denied the request from the city of Ozark in helping with the demolition process of the former Ozark Dale County library, mayor Mark Blankenship says its a sign that the working relationship is in disrepair.

“It’s been broken since the new chairman went in,” Mayor Mark Blankenship said

Mayor Blankenship says it started in June when the commission dedicated 1.6 million of its American Rescue Plan Act funds to its rural EMS services.

On the list, Ozark received over $38,000 — the lowest amount — Blankenship believes they were snubbed.

“We do over 70 percent of the runs in the county so you figure that out it just blows my mind that you would think with that mindset,” Mayor Blankenship said. “Another bad thing I see other cities and counties and around have a great partnership and here in Dale County we have a county commission that don’t work with any municipality.”

Chairman Steve Mckinnon says he begs to differ — he says they work with all of their municipalities including Ozark and they have supported them a great deal.

“I’m not hearing that from the city though, we appropriate funds to their rescue squad and we gave them an extra 25,000 this year and we already had a demolition project downtown that benefitted the county,” Mckinnon said.

Mckinnon said Ozark is just one of the 12 cities and towns the county has to work with.

“We can’t give a county away to support a city and we got all these cities in the county and we try to treat them fair,” He said. “I think my commission does a good job we give the library $46,000 a year I think that’s supporting them.”