DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach causes thousands of more people to come through Dothan on their motorcycle, which helps Harley Davidson of Dothan tremendously.

“You know, they buy shirts, some but bikes, some get serviced, some have trouble and we help them,” Ride Academy Manager, Brent Chesser said.

This event every year is the last big event in the area of the year, where the colder temperatures dissuade motorcycle owners from riding, and this year, this event is bringing a lot more motorcycles through the circle city.

“It is kind of like the last thing before the winter so we get a lot of traffic through Dothan,” said Chesser. “Maybe thirty thousand or so. It’s more in the spring, the fall is a little less but there have been a lot of bikes coming through here this week.”

With this influx of motorcycles, you might want to take that extra moment, to look left, and look right, to keep everyone as safe as possible.

“There are a lot more bikes in town, everyone needs to be a bit more aware,” said Chesser. “Take that second look to make sure we see everybody. Stay off the phone and watch out for bikers this week and weekend.”

Because when it comes down to it, they are all a family that will have each other’s backs, no matter what.

“We’re like a community and we support each other no matter what, mentally, physically, and every other way,” said Chesser.

If you decide to head down to Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach this weekend, you can expect some good times and loud noises.

“It is pretty electric. Bands playing, motorcycles screaming. It’s a really good event,” said Chesser.