DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Last year, the anxiety from the pandemic caused a frenzy in gun sales, hitting record breaking sales for firearms.

Now, there’s a local trend that Wiregrass gun shop owners have taken noticed of.

Numbers from a 2020 report released by the Associated Press indicated that many people wanting to purchase a gun couldn’t get one. It was reported as an all-time high with more than 300,000 people being denied. This was due to many individuals that applied had felonies on their background check records.

Owner, Dan Nicholson at the Area 51 Products LLC in Dothan said it was something very unusual to see.

“We’re buying a lot of guns back from people and people are coming in saying ‘I need to sell this’ in the last month, I’ve probably bought as many guns as I sold,” he said.

As uncertainty spread across the nation during the height of the pandemic, it left many uneasy forcing them to purchase guns. Nicholson said he’s noticed more and more people buying hand guns.

According to him, with stimulus relief and unemployment benefits ending, people are needing more money, and when they need cash, they turn to selling their guns. This has more to do with the economic state of Alabama.

“That’s an economy issue there, if people had the money they’d hold on to them,” Nicholson said.

Everyone desires just a little protection, and he predicts sales will go back up by the end of July.