Parents upset with Flower’s decision to end in-patient pediatric care

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Flowers Hospital recently released a statement explaining that it would be ending it’s in-patient pediatric care by December 2020.

This will affect kids like Talyn Bond and Peyton Baker, two normal kids that share one disease, type-one diabetes.

They were both diagnosed and initally treated at Flowers in the pediatric wing.

“I was scared to death at first and didn’t want to leave the hospital so they calmed us down and with us being able to do that and to be there, it was awesome because then I actually have my family here as well,” Peyton’s Mother Amber Baker said.

Flowers Hospital released their statement on Oct. 19 explaining their decision to end in-patient pediatric care by the end of the year.

“Given the steady numbers of children requiring emergency and outpatient care, we believe we should devote more resources in those areas,” Flowers CEO Jeff Brannon said. “We continue to maintain our strong, long-term relationships with other facilities that specialize in children’s care.”

WDHN reached out to Flowers multiple times for an in-person interview to follow up but has not yet received a response.

“With our children being more high risk, we need those options, and we’d like to have that choice, especially with our children already having a tie to that hospital,” Amber’s Mother Jennifer Bond said.

“I always say Flowers so I just hate that that choice is being taken and there wasn’t any input from who it’s really affecting,” Bond said.

With the change, emergency and out-patient pediatric care will still be available at Flowers Hospital.

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