ELBA, Ala(WDHN)—Earlier this year after completing the U.s. Highway 84 project through Elba, the state turned over the deeds for roads and bridges it had worked on.

The Pea River Bridge made Alabama’s Department of Transportation list as one of the most deficient bridges.

Recently the City of Elba approved an ordinance prohibiting tractor-trailer rigs from driving over older bridges leading to the downtown square.

An 18-wheeler tractor-trailer rig weighing 13 tons or more is no longer to drive over bridges leading to Elba’s downtown square
Mayor Tom Maddox says the pea river bridge on highway 84 makes the state’s Department of Transportation’s poor list.

The real heavy trucks coming across the bridge are a problem. So we will also have weight restrictions on some of the bridges to prolong the life of those bridges. Pea river bridge is one of 127 bridges that is considered structurally deficient and the less heavy traffic on the bridge, the longer they’ll last.

Mayor Tom Maddox

Engineers tell Maddox that by limiting truck weight to 13 tons will help ensure the continued use of these bridges coming into the city.