ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s no surprise health officials want you to get vaccinated but soon they could be targeting a smaller piece of the population kids 5 to 11 years old.

“Across the United States, over 900,000 children have been admitted to hospitals during the pandemic for covid-19,” Pediatrician at Enterprise Pediatric Clinic, Dr. Nola Ernest. “Over 550 have lost their lives. 140,000 children have lost parents or primary caregivers.”

And covid its not just taking a toll on physical wellbeing, either.

“The mental health crisis is so severe that just yesterday it was declared a national emergency,” said Dr. Ernest.

Now, the FDA is close to approving the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine for children ages five to eleven, which could help ease the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The federal government wants to move away from vaccination clinics for these individuals, and administer them in more convenient places, such as schools and pediatric clinics.

“Pediatricians across the state of Alabama and here in the wiregrass are excited to offer covid 19 vaccines to our patients,” said Dr. Ernest.

Some parents might be hesitant to have their child inoculated, but Dr. Ernest says if you have any questions, she is here to answer.

“A lot of families are very hopeful about the opportunity to get their children vaccinated,” said Dr. Ernest. “Of course we see hesitancy surrounding the vaccine. But the best place to address the questions parents have is with their pediatrician. We are very excited about the opportunity to vaccinate more children against COVID 19.”