PINCKARD, Ala. (WDHN) — A plan has been proposed to make State Route 123 more of an evacuation route during a hurricane.

Alabama Route 123 sees a lot of beach traffic from those going to or coming from Florida.

In the study, the gray area on the map is the targeted area. SR-123 would be four lanes where it meets SR-134 and goes straight out to Highway 231 in Pinckard.

It’s similar to the corridor project that was done in Enterprise.

The town of Pinckard has already begun preparing to make its town an area to accommodate evacuees by making construction changes to a building next to its town hall.

“You’re gonna come out right there on 231 in Pinckard and Newton it’s a place where if it grew you would see a motel or hotel and restaurants it would be just like an exit on the interstate,” says Pinckard Mayor Bobby Borland.

This is just a plan but there is no timeline or how much the project would cost as this would be the next step.