PIKE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — As President Joe Biden presses Congress to pass his $33 billion aid to Ukraine, the president made a visit on Tuesday to Lockheed Martin’s Pike County Operations Facility.

Lockheed Martin has the capability of producing about 2,100 javelin anti-tank missiles a year. Those weapons made in Troy, Alabama have played a vital role in Ukraine.

“The American people know the work this facility is doing and support Ukraine’s fight for freedoms,” President Biden said. “The bottom line is I came to say thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s the reason why I’m here.”

But as demand for the missile increases and the U.S continues to send weapons to eastern Europe, a growing concern is: can the nation maintain its current stockpile?

According to reports, the U.S. has already provided at least 7,000 javelins, which is about ⅓ of its current stockpile.

“To make sure the United States and our allies can replenish our own stock of weapons to replace what we sent to Ukraine, as I said from the begging this fight is not going to be cheap,” President Biden said. “But caving to aggression would be even more costly. We either back the Ukrainian people as they defend their county, or we stand by as Russia continues its atrocity and aggression.”

At this time, the Biden Administration is said to be considering a range of options to boost production if needed. However, it is reported with supply chain and other issues, Lockheed and other companies are looking at how exactly they can boost production.

“Last week, I sent congress a supplement budget a fancy way of saying we need more money,” President Biden said.

Now with the war in Ukraine going into its 3rd month, if the aid to Ukraine is approved by Congress:

$20 billion would go to defense spending for Ukraine and U.S. Allies. $8.5 billion would go to help the Ukrainian Government provide services and pay government salaries. And $3 billion would be allotted in global food and humanitarian programs.

“I, once more, urge Congress to quickly pass this supplemental funding bill to help the Ukrainian so they can keep all of you very very busy for a while here,” Biden said.

In April, Congress approved $13.6 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. White House officials expect the $33 billion the President is hoping to get through could last up to 5 months.