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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many supply chains are being interrupted and that’s also the case with propane.

There’s a shortage of propane and the tanks used to store it.

Pricing for propane generally decreases during the Summer, and with fewer homes needing to be heated, the demand just isn’t there.

This year, that’s different, as the price for propane continues to increase.

And one local shop in Dothan says they have seen the impact of the price increase, but are doing what they can to keep it as low as possible.

“We have noticed a price increase but we haven’t been raising our prices accordingly,” G.E.T.S. Welding Supply owner, Dewayne Buckelew said. “I sat down and looked at it, it has gone up 30% since January. And we have been absorbing it since then hoping it would come back down.”

Some experts from the U.S. Energy Information Association say the problem is with supply chains resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic.

There are also steel shortages, reported by the president of Industrial Propane Service Inc.

Buckelew says he doesn’t have trouble finding propane but has trouble with finding almost everything else he needs to run his business.

“We are having trouble getting it, doesn’t matter if it is a truck, parts for a truck, or supplies, we went to our third supplier for wire before we were able to find wire for our customers,” said Buckelew.

Even though the price of propane has risen about 30 percent since January alone, Buckalew doesn’t like to raise his prices so he can keep them as low as he can and keep his customers happy.

“We’re trying to keep our pricing as low as we can and still survive, cause we know everyone has issues as well,” said Buckelew.

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