ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—This week in Enterprise, motorists are experiencing long lines at a commonly used

WDHN found an “impatient” resident who even “attacked” a construction “flagger”
where traffic is narrowed from two to one lane.

Brenda Loomis is a flagger for “Wiregrass Construction” company on the Sheffield Road “repave” in

On Monday, Loomis says an elderly woman “slapped her” because she didn’t allow her daughter to immediately
drive. At the time, traffic was being narrowed from two lanes to one lane. Loomis says folks’
are often “impatient” waiting for traffic to move through a construction zone.

Loomis says “I mean she walked from her house to me. Her daughter was in a truck and she came over here and slapped me. I said wait. Don’t slap me I’m just doing my job.”

This project goes from the Boll Weevil Circle to State Highway 27 north, it involves “removing” the
old asphalt, replacing it with new asphalt, striping, and finishing road shoulder work.

“I mean they get very upset, they cuss at you. And you can’t cuss back. You have to be nice to them and wish them a nice day, but you get hit? Yes,” according to Loomis.

Mike Gurspan says “But speaking to some members of a homeschool church daycare here in Enterprise, some members say as long as the kids are safe, progress is being made on the repaving.”

Dothan resident Kevin Crisler says “so far it hasn’t been inconvenient at all, but I’m sure as time goes on it might incur more traffic, it’s more than usual so.”

The “Repaving” of Shellfield Road is part of a three-point-six million dollar phase, with
Almost all of the initial 33 enterprise streets have already been completed.