OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Ozark Police Department responded to multiple calls on Monday, in reference to two drivers arguing at the intersection of Highway 231 and Lakeview Road.

Witnesses told authorities that two individuals were exchanging heated words and attempting to run each other off the roadway throughout the altercation.

According to a press release, witnesses saw John M. Bragwell, 36, pull a handgun out of his vehicle and began firing gunshots.

There were no injuries from the gunfire, police say. However there was damage caused to personal property due to the altercation.

After interviewing witnesses, collecting physical evidence and watching surveillance video, Ozark Police arrested Bragwell on one count of attempted murder and two counts of shooting into an unoccupied vehicle.

Authorities are also asking anyone with any information to call the Ozark Police Department at 334-774-2644 or 334-774-5111.